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Hospital  Visitation

Choir Members, youth ministers, lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and catechists get sick or incapacitated from time to time, and periodically their maladies require a stay in the hospital.  While the pastor is expected to visit them.  What is expected for lay leaders in order to show their concern as well. 

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Mary the Prototype of Religious Life

The Mother of God has been seen by the faithful as the Christianpar excellence.  Imitation of her can lead to eternal life with her Son.

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The separation between Catholic West and Orthodox East has a myriad of causes, One of which that is usually ignored is the contributions of Pope Innocent III and his view of Church unity and governance. His leadership philosophy when carried out in action caused severe and long term negative consequences for the Churches of the East. This work looks at both his view as the “Vicar of Christ” and his actions in the appointment of bishops and lack of action against those who sacked religious treasures of the East.

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Toxic Leadership

The workplace should be a foretaste of heaven, not hell.

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Group Realities

A look at the different types of people that make up groups and the best approach to dealing with them.

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  Youth Worker EZine

Zombies and Other Parable Characters:  Youth ministers know they have to walk the walk and talk the talk. While the minister cannot become young again, it is important to remember what we were interested in at our students’ age because the interests of youth do not change, only the expression .


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