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Father Jonathan Morse, Ph.D.


VA Maryland Medical Centers


United States Army Reserve Retired

Welcome to the home of the FOUNDATIONAL JOINT AND MULTIFACITED  MINISTRIES based upon the work of Father Jonathan Morse.

I am serving as a Clinical Staff Chaplain at the VA Medical Centers in Perry Point, and Baltimore.  For Pastoral Care Week I did a minute presentation on what I do (All the Chaplains did one,)  If you would like to see it click HERE

During the quarantine, I will attempt to share the Masses I celebrate.


Twenty First Sunday

 Twenty-Second Sunday

 Twenty-Third Sunday

Twenty-Fourth Sunday

Twenty-Fifth Sunday

Twenty-Sixth Sunday

Twenty-Seventh Sunday

Twenty-Eighth Sunday

Twenty-Ninth Sunday

Thirtieth Sunday

All Saints

Our Lady of Guadalupe

 Third Sunday in https://fb.watch/3cqsov2cU8/Ordinary Time

 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ash Wednesday

First Sunday of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent


These pages are created to share what I do and what I have learned through the years.  As an Ukrainian Catholic Priest serving as a Roman Catholic priest, I have gained experience of both lungs of the Church.  Sometimes, this background has come out in books and articles, which are found under the Publications tab.  The sermon tabs has the sermons I have given usually at the VA.  I have posted these here because both staff and veterans have requested them.  As many elements of them are borrowed, feel free to do the same.  Having spent many years as a teacher on the elementary, high school, college and seminary levels, I have put under Religious Education material that I felt would be of interest in catechists.

These pages are under constant construction.  

For our latest books see our Publications page.

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